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What is CMMC? Perhaps the best place from where this discussion can begin. This is a set standard that all companies working with the department of defense contracts must be able to meet for them to make orders and later accept projects from the department of defense.

This standard as it looks to you affects over 300, 000 companies all of which take part in the department of defense supply chain in one way or the other. The CMMC framework was created by the DoD with the view of preventing cybersecurity breaches and also protecting both the sensitive as well as that data that is not sensitive.


Just before the introduction of CMMC by the department of defense, the involved contractors were the people responsible for the implementation and monitoring of all the security protocols together with performing all the required annual self-assessments.

With the introduction of the CMMC, there was a change in the steps which then required contractors to show compliance to the specific or required cybersecurity practices and also requiring an independent third party to perform a proper assessment.

What this means is that with these new regulations, all the DoD contractors are obligated to certification training from IQC the ISO Pros of Alaska with at least level 1 for them to continue working on any such contracts. This, therefore, makes it essential for all the contractors to make a point of assessing their compliance before getting on with any contracts from the DoD.

How Much Does CMMC Certification Cost?

If you are a contractor so much interested in matters of DoD contractors then this is one of the questions you need to be asking yourself. Just how much is this whole certification process going to cost you in the long run. To be honest, CMMC costs vary but can be so expensive to say it as it is.

However, you need to keep in mind that if your business has a contract with the department of defense then this kind of certification is a must, not optional. Whether you are a prime or a subcontractor of companies that are regarded big or small this is one certification that you need to seek so seriously.

Initially, many businesses could perform certification assessments all by themselves. However, with the invention of CMMC, this is no longer the case. Starting from the year 2020 precisely in the month of January, all businesses in DoD contractors were required to commence going through the required third-party assessments for certification.

By September of the same year, all businesses were required to be certified for them to bid for any DoD projects. This means that any businesses that were not certified as stipulated stood disqualified from any bids they made for contracts to the department of defense.

On this issue of cost though, it varies depending on the level of certification where high-level certifications tend to cost way much more than lower-level certifications. For even much better and realistic figures level 1 certifications are expected to cost anywhere between $ 3000 to $ 5000 but the costs could rise as the certification level rises.

For anyone looking for DoD contract CMMC certification, training from IQC the ISO Pros of Alaska is a must. For you to be able to bid for any DoD contracts then you will be able to meet the set certification standards.

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