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What is CMMI certification? This should be the right place to being this discussion. To get started, first, you need to understand certification which is basically the process of conducting an assessment which is carried out by an auditor, or if not that then a team of auditors who are mandated with the task of assessing the implementation process of a set standard like ISO 9001.

Such an assessment is so essential as it results in the evaluation with regards to the positive compliances as well as non-compliance and the opportunities available for improvements. The end result of any assessment process is the certificate which is offered at the end of the training by IQC the ISO Pros of Alaska.


CMMI Certification

When it comes to CMMI there is no such word as Certification, instead, the word assessment is used in the place of certification. There are so many reasons that make this the case among the fact that CMMI as an institute unlike the other models and bodies does not prefer imposing the limitation of the defined principles which are laid down by the standard.

These principles create room for the implementers to carry out an implementation of specific practices and procedures of processes to be implemented in a way of their liking. However, in the common man language certification and assessment are just but the same thing.

Different from the other models and standards, the CMMI institute does not offer certificates upon the completion of a successful CMMI assessment. Instead, the body chooses to put the name of the organization which is certified on the CMMI organization website.

Thus, if you are looking for the CMMI certificate published appraisal can therefore be obtained from the same website. This move has been such a milestone as it makes it much easier for one or any organization that is interested to obtain these results with much ease.

Is CMMI Certification Conducted by CMMI Institute?

This question is among the best inquiries that you can make regarding CMMI. The answer to the question is very simple no, the reason being CMMI institute itself does not conduct a certification process. Instead, the body only carries out an assessment. Thus, if you are looking for the certification, you might need to get in touch with IQC the ISO Pros of Alaska for the certification then later on CMMI institute for the assessment.

Top Pros of CMMI

There is so much to be gained from CMMI certification for you if you are in Alaska. For instance, consistency is one of these benefits with the other one being cost saving as well as self-improvement. Considering these benefits, it can be argued that CMMI certification is one thing that you need to be considering with a lot of seriousness.

With the many benefits that come with CMMI certification, any organization has to carefully consider getting this certificate considering that we have many organizations that offer the training and certification.

CMMI certification comes with many benefits like the ones stipulated above. However, for optimal benefits, you need to get in touch with IQC the ISO Pros of Alaska which is the best company that can offer you the best training in this area.

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