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IATF 16949: This is an international standard for automotive quality management systems. This standard was jointly developed by the international automotive task force members and was later on submitted to the international organization for standardization to be approved and later on published.

This is one document that is so common and stipulates automotive quality system requirements which are based on ISO 9001. The document also entails the specific customer requirements from all the automotive sectors. IATF 16949 basically emphasizes the establishment and development of a process that is quality management system-oriented.


It also provides for the development of a continual improvement procedure, the prevention of defect parts of automotive and also works in the reduction of variations as well as wastes that come in, in the supply chain. The overall goal here is to make sure the products produced meet in a larger way the client requirements and also work on efficiency and effectiveness too.

Who is the IATF?

The IATF is basically a group that consists of automotive manufactures together with their trade associations. The group was formed with the sole goal of making sure that there is a provision of quality products to many automotive customers from all over the world.

If you are a registered organization then you get added to the IATF website which comprises all the recognized organizations. From the website, a copy of certificate information is contained within the site itself. The main reason for putting up this certificate is to allow for ease of verification to make sure that anyone who needs to carry out a verification process does so with a lot of ease.

Who is IATF Applicable to?

Again, as an organization, you might develop the curiosity of knowing exactly who does IATF applies to. The IATF is applicable to so many organizations like the following: For instance, if you are in the business of manufacturing motor vehicle parts then you are eligible for this certification from IQC the ISO Pros of Alaska.

That is not all. Also, if you are in the business of supplying motor vehicle spare parts and other motor vehicle products then you are also eligible for this certification. The people involved in the fabrication of motor vehicle parts can also seek this certification to ensure that you boost the trust of your clients in your business.

Customer Satisfaction

With the increased competition in the corporate world, most businesses are turning to customer satisfaction as a way of attaining and keeping their customers. Producing products that are considered to be of the right quality is without any doubt the surest way we have around in achieving this much-sought customer satisfaction.

By adhering to the set IATF standards you will not just produce any other motor vehicle parts but you will produce the best. With the best parts, you will end up with nothing short of the best parts and products that will lead to customer satisfaction.

IATF 16949 certification by the IQC the ISO Pros of Alaska comes with so many benefits. If you are in the motor vehicle manufacturing business then you need to consider attaining an IATF 16949 certification.

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